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Page content goes here; To use this template you simply have to build the html for it fr om the graphic.
First export all your buttons, backgrounds and other images. You must decide whether certain elements will be images or html generated.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what size you need, please see our sizing information page. You can also learn how to insert and remove captive bead rings by going here. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach our customer service department by emailing

Here's how to pay with Personal Check or Money Order.
*Make sure you have the items in your shopping cart
*Print out the Shopping Cart page.
*Write down your :
*Name, Email Address, Phone number and Shipping Address.
*Mail it with your payment to:
Body Ice by Ash
2199 Timberwood Cr N
Tallahassee, Fl, 32304

* Please Make Payment Payable to:
* You Must Add $ 2.95 for shipping for all United States orders under $60. [FREE for orders over $60.00]
* You Must Add $10.00 for International shipping charges. Payments for INTERNATIONAL Orders must be in US FUNDS only.
* Only Florida residents MUST inlude a SALES TAX of 5% on total merchandise ordered.
* Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive payment.
* You will also receive an EMAIL to notify you of order receipt, as well as a second EMAIL to provide you with your order Tracking Number.
All Personal Checks are verified and secured by Telecheck.

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